A Guide To Choosing A Martial Arts School

Finding a martial arts school that is right for you is a big decision.  The following guide can help with that decision.  It consist of a list of questions you should ask yourself before settling on a school.

Kung Fu-Karate-BBJ-Jujitsu-MMA-Martail Arts schools

1.  What are your goals and what are you wanting from training martial arts?

2.  Does the style of martial arts being taught offer what you are looking for?              Does the style fit your need?                                                                                           There are many styles of martial arts that originated from different countries all over         the world. The style is the type of martial art. You can think of it in terms of an automobile.  Martial Arts = Car,  Kung Fu = Make of car,  Sil Lum (the style) = Model of car

3.  Are you and/or your child comfortable with the training environment?

4.  Does the school offer free trial classes?

5.  Is the price of classes a good value?                                                                             Cheap does not mean value, expensive does not mean quality.  If there are three Karate schools that are equal in training and instruction, price can be a factor.  If there is only one school that offers the style you want, don’t be afraid to pay more.

6.  Is the instructor qualified and is the system legitimate?                                             The system should have a long history or new system should be endorsed by other          Grandmasters and or martial arts associations.  An instructor should be able to  supply you their training history.

7.  What is the school’s philosophy, focus, or mission statement?                                 Does the school concentrate on tournaments, are they trying to produce fighters, do      they teach real life self-defense, or do they work on character development.

8.  Most importantly, do you enjoy training at the school?                                              The instructor may be the top in his field, but if your personalities do not click you may   want to train somewhere else.

As an instructor, I would love to teach you Kung Fu.  However, if you want to learn Judo you should use this guide to find a great Judo school.  I do suggest taking advantage of free trial classes.  You may find that a style you knew little about is just what you’re looking for.

This guide provided by Grandmaster Chris Laing. The guide is always available from the blogs main menu.

In upcoming posts Grandmaster Laing will go into more details on each question above. He will use his own schools as examples in answering the questions. Grandmaster Laing hopes that the post will be helpful to anyone looking to begin a journey into martial arts. Feel free to go to the schools website www.blueridgemartialartsacademy.com to try using the guide to find some of the answers for yourself. The site should open in another window, so it will be easier to toggle back and forth between the pages as you look for answers.

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